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You can be in charge of how you feel. We’re here to empower you, providing tools and support for a better journey through well-being.

We are all in for your wellness and well-being

The team members of Empathic Practice are focused on you and your path to wellness. We combine nearly 40 years of medical expertise, alternative health experience, and complementary methods that can help you navigate your wellness in a better way. We will provide you with a unique holistic approach that focuses on your well being.
Dr William Hass MD


Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctorand Medical Director

Dr. Hass has established Empathic Practice in Pensacola to deliver innovative holistic treatment to a wide range of medical conditions. You can call him Bill. He understands the importance of connecting and empathizing with the patient. Bill wants the mission of Empathic Practice to be that of options of care in service to the community.

A Board Certified Anesthesiologist with more than forty years of experience including pain management and recent interest in resilience and mindfulness education, Bill earlier pharmacy training hasled to a related interest in herbal medicine.

Amanda Simmons


Natural Health and
Wellness Coach

Passionate about helping others, and obsessed with health and wellness. Amanda is a certified Yoga Instructor, Health Coach, and Essential Oils, enthusiast. She looks at the individual holistically, addressing all parts of your life that can be improved.

Working with busy moms like herself, Amanda knows that everyone benefits from a healthier lifestyle to enjoy a happier and more complete life.



Mindset, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach

An Internationally Certified Meditation Teacher and Life Coach. Felipe has been working for more than a decade of training and coaching creatives and clients to find their purpose and align their actions and goals.

Successfully working with Mindfulness, Meditation, Art, and Healing in Pensacola, Felipe brings his expertise to Empathic Practice so you can receive holistic support in warming, personal, and compassionate way.



and Parent Coach

For the past 10 years, Ashleigh has been a leader and innovator in the world of ADHD/EFD. She has taken her personal struggles with ADHD and all that comes with it and used those experiences to be the inspiration for the Integrated Wellness Program.

Utilizing a multi-modality approach to ADHD/EFD, incorporating coaching, with Bio-Feedback (Interactive-Metronome) and family wellness, Ashleigh is able to give you tools to be more organized, patient, and independent.



Medical Office Assistant and Referral Coordinator

Anna brings her heart and experience to greet and assist you to understand how we can help you to feel better.

Compassionate and patient, Anna knows how to light up someone’s day, and bring perspective to their lives.



Holistic Life Practitioner

Looking at Bioenergy force as a new way to understand her body and the process of healing, Zulma trained and studied to become a practitioner focused on finding alternative solutions and complementary therapies for a holistic life.

Zulma incorporates techniques that look into what resonates with your purpose and potential for restoration of well-being and coaching for a life full of wellness. Connecting soul nourishment with the realignment of your essential nature, she gives you tools to find healing within yourself.



Integrative Ayurveda Specialist

Dr. Curbelo began her higher education at the University of Chicago and later received a full scholarship to study medicine at Cuba’s ELAM. While treating patients in Cuba, she gained an appreciation for the difference that lifestyle measures and human contact made in the outcomes of these patients. This appreciation deepened all the more working in women’s health both in the US and abroad.

Complementing her understanding of human health via a number of holistic modalities including Ayurveda, Cassandra approaches wellness bio-psycho-social-environmentally.

Mo Root


Licensed Massage Therapist and Facial Specialist

Mo brings care to clients in a special and unique way. With empathy, compassion, and expertise, Mo provides bodywork and treatments that are specific to each individual, based on an intimate conversation and close assessment of the situation, lifestyle, condition, and expectation of the client.

Using aromatherapy, and integrated holistic practices and exercises, Mo works alongside the client for enduring success and not to remediate situations but to progress in healing.

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