Mindfulness right now is a buzzword that is everywhere, with little mainstream comprehension of what it entitles.

Mindfulness as an end doesn’t make sense. That is counterintuitive to what Meditation can really provide to your life. Point being that Mindfulness is part of the path of Eastern meditation practice, one of the many steps towards enlightenment.

The way we structured our Meditation and Mindfulness coaching sessions is: exercises of Mindfulness for you to understand the concept of Mindfulness and Meditation, and exercises to create and understand awareness of your surrounds, body, and feelings. However, to learn how to address what you discover from Mindfulness exercises, you need to move on with meditation practice, which we treat in a personalized way that can fit your lifestyle.

We help you to understand meditation itself – and that not every method of meditation is equal. I love referencing The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius because it’s a book of reflections from the western thinker and political figure that shows that even so Buddhist Meditation is essential to understand and gives us ancient knowledge, across the world we have other examples of Meditation and Meditators that follows different principles and paths towards the goal of enlightenment

All that said, part of our challenge is that many people are looking for relief and coping skills, not necessarily enlightenment (maybe later after dealing with the immediate chaos and pains of life). By studying the psychology and physiology of stress and meditation, and looking to understand how our brain responds to these different mind states, we created exercises that can stimulate the right mindset for you to discover your own path.

Coping with pain? Let’s trigger focus as a distraction from it, so later we can understand the cause. Dealing with Stress? Let’s create a relaxation response for relief and then concentrate on how to address the stressor. Self-Development? Let’s start from the beginning and reflect on our current self, practicing what can take you to the next stage without attachment for the state.