Why You Should Consider Cannabis If You Have Nerve Pain

Does cannabis help with nerve pain?  To the relief of many health professionals and chronic pain sufferers, the answer appears to be yes.  There is quite a bit of research out there that suggests marijuana may be an effective treatment for various forms of neuropathic pain such as chronic pain, MS, and more.

Neuropathic pain is tough to treat because it has been found to be resistant to normal types of treatment.  Research has shown that medical marijuana for nerve pain may be quite effective because of the pain relief that cannabis provides.  Cannabis may be used to treat pain in many patients, especially those with chronic pain.

How Hoes Medical Cannabis Help Nerve Pain?

The endocannabinoid system aids in regulating the nervous system and also in reducing pain.  When someone undergoes a nerve injury, neuropathic pain and chronic pain may often follow. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD reduce nerve pain by activating receptors and helping to regulate the central nervous system.

Cannabis also affects the endorphin system, which may make pain feel less intense and more manageable.  CBD and THC have been found to be effective at knocking out pain, but research shows that other cannabinoids may also provide chronic pain relief.

THC Can Help Pain?

Cannabis and nerve pain may go hand in hand, but what does the THC do?  Research shows that THC may help alter the perception of pain in its treatment of anxiety and stress.  Research has shown that when a medical marijuana treatment is compared to a placebo treatment, medical marijuana may give patients moderate or even high levels of chronic pain relief.

Research shows that THC reduced pain by 8 points more than a placebo treatment did when their pain was rated on a scale from 1 to 100.  The pain reduction from THC shows that medical marijuana for nerve pain may be a treatment worth considering for anyone with neuropathic pain.

Best Types of Medical Cannabis

types of medical cannabis for nerve pain

The three types of marijuana plants include Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and hybrids.  There isn’t a lot of research into the differences between medical marijuana strains in treating pain.  However, it has shown that indica strains of medical marijuana are best for treating pain and inducing sleep, while sativa strains of medical marijuana help boost energy and mood.

Indica strains of medical marijuana were shown to be excellent at reducing the pain of neuropathy.  This adds to the belief that using cannabis for neuropathic pain may be a great form of treating neuropathy. Some examples are 9lb Hammer and Granddaddy Purple.

Marijuana vs. Opioids For Nerve Pain Relief

Opioids are a much more addictive form of help for nerve pain when compared to medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana may be used without fear of overdose, while opioid-related drug overdoses cause over 100 deaths per day in the US, not to mention physical health issues and also mental health issues.

When considering combining opioids with medical marijuana for nerve pain, the results may indicate that neuropathy is best treated with one or the other.  Medical marijuana for nerve pain on its own has been shown to be more effective than when also combined with opioids.