Empathic Practice empowers patients with a range of wellness solutions. Focusing on individuals’ mind, body and soul, Empathic Practice offers meditation and mindfulness coaching, massage therapy, nutrition training, yoga classes, medical marijuana education and evaluation.

“Our philosophy has always been to focus on the individual,” said Empathic Practice’s licensed medical marijuana practitioner, William Hass, MD. “We want to give them a community to work with and a new pathway to feel better.”

Different from medical marijuana practices that focus on writing prescriptions, Empathic Practice is committed to helping patients reduce physical and emotional pain through education and support.

“We want people to understand what connection is,” said Felipe Munoz, owner and mindfulness coach at Empathic Practice. “We want to educate people about the benefits of herbal medications. We want to help people understand and connect with each other through empathy.”

To increase awareness of their mission, Empathic Practice has designed special events for National Cannabis Awareness Month in April. Partnering with Soleilune Massage and Spa, Empathic Practice will be hosting “Therapeutic Thursday” at Surterra Wellness, a local medical marijuana dispensary, on Thursday, April 18 from 12:00-3:00 pm. On April 20, Empathic Practice is commissioning a mural from Blue Collar Creatives, a local artist collective specializing in fine art and muralism, to connect with the community and to educate about wellbeing and wellness.

Book a coaching appointment at Empathic Practice today to receive a personalized set of mindfulness tools to help you manage stress, increase your productivity, become more joyful and to grow beyond your expectations. Meet with Dr. Hass on Saturdays to receive medical marijuana education and recommendations. Join us every Wednesday at 5:30 pm for group guided meditations, and visit our website, empathicpractice.us, to stay updated on monthly mindfulness and meditation events.

Empathic Practice is here to support you while you develop the skill of mindfulness, understand Medical Marijuana, walk the path of healing and discover your best self.