Defying how we define dreams

A version of this post was originally published on Medium in July, 2017

Quite often I stop to think about time and dreams.

How dreams defy our relationship with time and create a measurement of life that is particular to itself. 

When we remember the dream state, we then pick and choose elements that jump to our memory and create meanings of their own but that were not the same meanings that we lived in the dream. In our dreams, there is no past, present, or future, there is just existence.

I think about how dreams deceive us to believe in things beyond that existence, how they manage to twist our perception and allow us to ponder on a reality built to help us value our moments conscious.

We could call dreaming a perception of deception or deception of perception. While we are awake we choose our memories but once our senses are asleep, our dreams go beyond our memories and our choices. We are then forced to deal with a true state of enlightenment, a real awakening even if our body is resting.

Dreams are contemplations of an alternative life, a quantum mode of mind that allow us to tap into the beyond that exists within, as much as expand our souls to what is without.

I like to think of dreams as the balancing force of life. The portal to the discovery of ourselves. In our dreams we face fears or we hide from them, we embrace lust and desire, or we learn what are we suppressing and why. In our dreams, we find out how we are feeling in a particular moment of life – if guilt makes us drown or if peace makes us float and fly, for example.

Most often we choose not to think of our dreams, as is sometimes just too hard to deal with all that surrounds us. What we forget is that dreams don’t take rest, and that doesn’t matter if we choose to face them or not, they will always catch up to you.

The reality is that understanding, relating, and analyzing our dreams is not that hard, and doesn’t have to be painful at all. Is it a matter of fact, an opportunity to create awareness and engage with ourselves in solving concerns and untangling issues. The signs, symbols, and meanings of a dream are a reflection of our own manipulation of archetypes and personal influences.

At the same time, spiced by our own spiritual evolution and awareness, dreams can be powerful tools to enhance our connection with the divine and to balance our energies.

Do you keep a journal of your dreams? Or do you even spend the time to think what is a dream, and what was just your mind playing tricks of worrisomeness? You will spend almost 20 years of your life dreaming. Wouldn’t it be good to know what you spent all that time focusing on? Try to think about the influences and the messages that you allow yourself to receive and that become part of your dreams.

I take as part of my work to talk with my clients about their dreams, about how they are influenced by them, and how to use their time dreaming in a positive way. You can do the same, all you need is to start from somewhere. Dreams will bend your perception of time, so use your time (and dreaming) wisely.