Felipe Muñoz

Mindset, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach

Felipe, co-founder and CEO of Empathic Practice, empowers personal transformation and purposeful living. An internationally certified meditation teacher and life coach, Felipe guides clients to discover their purpose and align their actions.

His profound understanding of mindfulness, meditation, art, and healing, allows Felipe to provide holistic support in a personal and compassionate manner. With a passion for empowering transformation, Felipe guides you towards holistic well-being and unlocks your inner potential.

Felipe has been recognized as one of the Top Stress Management Coach by Coach Foundation.


Top Coach Stress Management Felipe Munoz

Felipe and his entire staff are incredible. The amount of support my sessions provide me with is immeasurable. Felipe has an amazing ability to shed light and love into every moment. Empathic Practice is an amazing addition to the Pensacola community.”

                                                  – Ava J.

What Felipe Offers at
Empathic Practice

Meditation Classes

Felipe conducts both group and private meditation classes at Empathic Practice, WildLemon, and through the Empathic Practice Learning Channel.

With a range of offerings, including mindfulness meditation, healing guided visualizations, traditional zazen, and various breathing techniques, Felipe’s classes are adaptable and customized to meet the specific preferences and progress of each student.

For those seeking more personalized instruction, private classes can be incorporated into coaching packages, while group or corporate packages can be tailored to accommodate your specific requirements.


Corporate Training

Felipe offers corporate workshops and group classes tailored to differing events and audiences. He aims to foster positive, growth-oriented mindsets essential for personal fulfillment and professional success.

Drawing upon more than ten years of expertise in training creative teams and leaders, Felipe brings forth a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Through immersive exercises and practical techniques spanning various healing modalities, he offers invaluable insights and motivation.

Choose from a range of topics, including Meditation for Peak Performance, Mindfulness for Work Engagement, Positive Psychology and Productivity, Stress Management, and Work/Life Balance, to enhance your personal and professional growth.


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