What Is Holistic Wellness?

Wellness is when a person is in their best state of health.  Holistic means “of the whole,” therefore holistic wellness means the health of every part of the body.  Holistic wellness includes both physical health, mental health, and also spiritual health. 

Holistic wellness looks at health as much more than just the health of the body.  Holistic health will use many different holistic health techniques to make a person well in all areas of life.

Holistic Wellness: Types Of Treatments Within Holistic Medicine

The exact holistic health definition differs for every person. A holistic therapist will use different techniques to achieve holistic healing. These include alternative health techniques such as holistic therapy, acupuncture, education on food, exercise, and other ways to care for all aspects of your body. A holistic health therapist may also use psychotherapy or other forms of counseling.

The Importance Of Holistic Health

How does holistic medicine work?  It takes into account many factors of life that affect the physical health and mental health of a person over time.  Taking time to be well and also care for your body and mind is something many people don’t feel they have time for. However, holistic wellness can involve making small changes for your health that don’t take too much time.  Making sure to use these techniques will help you feel well in both your mind and body.

9 Core Pillars Of Holistic Wellness

Principles Of Holistic Medicine

Emotional Wellness – Pillar 1

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Emotional wellness is about self-regulating one’s emotions and being able to compartmentalize them.  Self-regulation allows us to identify and regulate our emotions in a healthy way. Compartmentalizing is about being able to detach from our emotions while still allowing ourselves to feel what we feel.

Social Wellness – Pillar 2

what is social wellness within holistic wellness

Social wellness is about supporting your social health through in-person connections and relationships.  Our social health has a lot to do with our mental health.

Environmental Wellness – Pillar 3

About environmental wellness within holistic medicine & wellness

Environmental wellness is about being respectful of our surroundings and experiencing nature.  Experiencing the feel of nature is an important part of living a full physical and spiritual life.

Spiritual wellness – Pillar 4

Spiritual wellness pillar 4 of holistic medicine

Spiritual wellness is about connecting with your inner soul and also the world around you.  It will help you find meaning and purpose in all aspects of your life.

Financial Wellness – Pillar 5

Financial Wellness pillar 5 of holistic medicine

Financial wellness looks at your financial stability.  This gives you a feeling of security in your life.

Intellectual Wellness – Pillar 6

Wellness pillar on intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness is about feeding your curiosity through learning.  This expands your knowledge and skills to help you live a full life.

Physical Wellness – Pillar 7

Physical wellness pillar 7 of holistic medicine

Physical wellness deals with things that impact your physical health including food, exercise, and being able to care for your physical body.

Creative Wellness – Pillar 8

Meditation and Art Workshop with Felipe Muñoz at First City Art Center

Creative arts wellness is about feeding the part of your body that yearns for creativity.  Every person has a use for the arts to improve their health.

Occupational Wellness – Pillar 9

Occupational wellness pillar 9 of holistic medicine

Occupational wellness is about how satisfied you are with your job.  Work should let you use your gifts to find fulfillment.

Our coaches, practitioners, and teachers are prepared and trained to guide you through every pillar of wellness. We listen, connect, and empathizer with you to give you the support, the tools, and the techniques to growth and find fulfillment in your life.