The prohibition of medical marijuana, actual or by other means, must have some basis in fact and science, we hope. But a brief review of statements by government officials is particularly enlightening.

Try these:

[blockquote author=”Harry J. Anslinger” link=”” target=”_blank”]
Marijuana is taken by “…..musicians. And I’m not speaking about good musicians, but the jazz type…”

“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

“Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

“Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”

“You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”


Who could have said these things, some in front of Congressional committee meetings, none other than Harry J. Anslinger of  The Federal of Bureau of Narcotics. Just a bad day? No, over a greater than ten year period from 1937 to  1948.

The founding fathers had a much different view:

[blockquote author=”George Washington” link=”” target=”_blank”]“Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere.”[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”Thomas Jefferson” link=”″ target=”_blank”]“The greatest service that can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.” [/blockquote]It’s time that our government officials and politicians decide who they stand with:
the people who want freedom from the broken medical system and to break the chains of the pharmaceutical industry, or to continue a flawed concept that leads to the contra productive prohibition on medical marijuana.

Is the ballot box the most useful tool to end this injustice?