My Path to Empathic Practice

I started my career as a creative.

Every day, it was my job to bring feeling, vision, and life to ideas.
I did work all over the world, from Brazil to the US. Over the years, I started to see the same problems over and over again.

Lack of focus.
Misdirected energy.

Some days it was like no one felt good enough to be truly in the moment.

Where was the connection?
I started looking for answers.

On my journey, I found an alternative approach to feeling better through mindfulness and medical marijuana practice.
Every day, I practiced with meditation and other alternative methods of healing.
That’s was the real beginning of Empathic Practice.

Empathic Practice is a Mindfulness and Medical Marijuana practice.
We take a different approach.

Our team combines nearly 40 years of medical expertise and alternative health practices to help you navigate how you feel every day.

We believe in knowing your self.
We believe in knowing your body.
We believe in knowing your mind.
We believe in connecting with yourself.
We believe in connecting with your body.
We believe in connecting with your mind.
This is the power of Empathic Practice.
Belief. Knowledge. Connection.

We offer you a personalized set of tools that empower you to take control of how you feel. You can feel better. Make your life your life’s work.

Start your empathic practice today.