Reiki Master in Pensacola: A Soul Journey in Healing.

Reiki Pensacola
Reiki is believed to be correlated with a series of mental, healthy, and spiritual benefits.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a light-touch healing modality that originated in Japan in the 1920’s.  That’s right – Reiki is 100 years old! The word Reiki is broken into two Japanese words: Rei – translates to Soul, Spirit, or essence and Ki – translates to Life Force Energy (also known as Chi or Qi), this is also the word for motivation and intention. In English, it is pronounced: RAY-KEY. Ki is a word that describes our life force. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Ki is thought of as channels, called meridians, inside of our bodies.  It’s difficult for us to grasp at first because we have been taught to only believe in what we see. 

How Reiki was created?

Miako Usui, was a Buddhist lay priest in Japan, who decided to perform a 21-day fasting vision quest.  On the 21st day fasting on a mountain top,  he saw visions and symbols of health and healing coming from the sky.  These symbols are still passed down today Master-Teacher to Student.  

This is what makes Reiki different from other energy healing modalities.  There are ancient symbols that are respected and honored throughout tradition and time.  The only way to use these symbols is to go through Reiki Training from a Reiki Master-Teacher. This energy of honor and respect coming from a healer can positively change the client’s experience.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is believed to be correlated with a series of mental, healthy, and spiritual benefits. People that experience Reiki healing sessions explain feelings such:

  • Bodily relaxation
  • Boosted energy and vitality
  • Mood balance
  • Stress relief
  • Higher intuition
  • Better mind and body awareness
  • Spiritual alignment

What To Expect During a Reiki Session?

In order to properly get into the mindset of health and healing the Reiki Practioner asks the client the intent of the visit.  This helps the energy flow to the area of concern. The client then lays down, fully clothed and a blanket is provided. During an energy session, it is common for the blood pressure to lower making the client a little chilled. There is soft music playing and an eye pillow is normally provided as well.  The Reiki Practioner places their hands lightly around the client’s body. Normal areas around the body include: head, scalp, throat, heart, stomach, hips, knees, and lastly feet. Areas these that represent and connect with the seven main chakras, and meridian energy points.

Expect to fully and completely relax. Some clients may feel tingling near certain parts of the body where the energy is flowing more strongly. Other’s may see colors, shapes, numbers, or ringing in the ears. Afterward, tea is offered to warm up the body, and the client and Practioner talk about what emotions possibly came up. 

Reiki at Empathic Practice

All licensed massage therapists working with Empathic Practice are trained energy healers.

Felipe Muñoz, owner of Empathic Practice and Mindset Coach is a Master Reiki Teacher. Trained in Brazil and the United States, Felipe carries a versatile perspective on energy healing and brings a multidimensional modality of healing to our clients. Including color therapy, sound healing, and shamanic work that expands on the teachings of Master Usui.

Felipe offers private sessions, classes, and attunements in Pensacola, FL. Online appointments are also available.

Reiki in Hospitals

UCLA, Duke Integrative Medicine, Yale, and Columbia University are just some of the education centers that are diving deep into Reiki Research. Reiki is widely praised as pain management in John Hopkins Hospital for cancer patients.  William Rand, the founder of the Center for Reiki Research, has been collecting data for over 20 years from over 68 different hospitals. In the majority of cases, the clients felt a sense of wellness, calm and overall ease after a Reiki Session.

Resources: Green Lotus, Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study, 2011.

Want to know more about Reiki?

Reiki Master Felipe Muñoz wrote and designed a book for his Reiki Level 1 classes.

You can download it, study it, and even use it as your own, as it was created under Creative Commons.

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