The Empathy in Empathic Practice

Empathy towards your Path

What makes Empathic Practice an empathic practice? It comes in our very DNA and defines who we are and what we do.

The traditional definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. At Empathic Practice, we take it a step further.  In essence, we have walked a mile in your shoes.  We know your frustrations and the complexities of getting to the best you.

It starts with our people. All the staff members at Empathic Practice, including myself, have faced medical and psychological challenges and we have used nontraditional resources for best personal results. We feel validated telling you that traditional pharmaceuticals are not the answer and – are possibly – the problem for many patients.

We also believe that medical marijuana has excellent potential, but the pathway to its actual realization has just started. Those who tell you that it will treat everything just might be trying to sell you anything. Medical marijuana is a herbal medication with all the problems of every other herbal medication. Basic questions like how is it produced, processed, and packaged need to be answered. Not understanding the complexities of these issues, medical marijuana might become as big a problem as traditional medicines.

At Empathic Practice, we want to be the critical difference. Listening to and learning from you.  Our vision is not to produce the most medical marijuana cards and then turn you out into the wilderness of the dispensaries for expensive and confusing trial and error dosing.  Our vision is to provide you the mindset, education, and setting to get the maximum response to the time and money you spend in your journey.  You are a pioneer, not a guinea pig.

Why are we different? We think that any medication is no more than 25% of the treatment of any chronic problem. From your first days with Empathic Practice, you will see the difference in our focus on mindfulness and use of practices to enhance mental clarity. This is our difference.  Also, the understanding that these “soft” skills are often the most difficult to master.

Empathic Practice wants to partner with like-minded patients.  We are particularly enthused that people are taking control of their healthcare.  Our contribution to this journey is empathy, the empathy founded in having been there.