The passionate journey of a health coach

by Amanda Simmons

I’ve had a passion for food since I was a kid. I was intrigued by the beautiful array of colors and flavors. Then I couldn’t believe what you could combine to make the most delicious dishes. And this food comes from the Earth? And it fuels our bodies, makes us feel better, helps us look better, sleep better, heal quicker?! This was amazing to me. I was hooked.

Alternatively, I was hooked on “self-help” books growing up too. It was a secret because it didn’t seem like many people were into self-help and if they were, did they need help? I wasn’t sure, I just knew I enjoyed reading so many books about how so many different people defeated all odds, received miracles, healed, helped others in big ways, became rich on their own. Whatever the case, it was fascinating to me that when people found their truth and love and used this, they received so much in return and were only then living the life they were meant to live. Wow, seemed like a dream for only the big dreamers and the lucky ones out there somewhere far away.

Back then, I didn’t really know what all of this enthusiasm for food and “self-help” meant, I just knew I was into it. Fast forward to now, I run a full-time coaching business, I teach yoga, and I run a mobile, pop-up juice & smoothie bar. I guess you can say there was something to what I was into growing up.

I love what I do because I’m able to share this passion with so many and in different ways. I get to teach breath and movement in the form of yoga, I get to make healthy drinks for people, I get to cook healthy meals for people, and I get to coach people who want to become a better, healthier version of themselves. This is definitely my jam.

My coaching has developed into mentoring people to find their truth, which is their healthiest and happiest self. It sounds too simple, but I remind them to bring it back to the basics. To eat fruits and vegetables, to drink clean water, to be active. We all know what healthy foods are, we all know to work-out, we all know we need a certain amount of sleep. The question is, why aren’t we doing it? I use a holistic approach to finding out ‘whys’ and then teaching to implement the ‘hows’. How to maintain a new healthy routine and how to implement healthy habits in your every day so it becomes your new healthy norm. It becomes a health-conscious journey that you decide to go on. I give you tools, guidance, support and hold you accountable to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. I don’t tell you what to eat because again, it’s basic. But we do dive deep, to get to root causes of why you haven’t been able to reach your goals. It happens. Life happens. And sometimes we need a mentor to lay it out for us, just like a personal trainer would if you had an athletic goal.

Health has so many levels which is why I use a holistic approach. It’s not only about what you’re eating but how you’re eating. Implementing mindfulness and using intuition is super necessary. It’s part of the process and matters.

Lastly, I teach you to play with your food again. I think we’ve been so confused and hung up on all the fads and diets we forgot to have fun with our food. It should have never gotten to a scary, intimidating place. Forget numbers, just read and understand ingredients, learn how things are packaged, look for whole, and you can never go wrong with the basics. When in doubt with the process, just go back to the basics. The most basic is the most beautiful and nourishing anyway.

I feel like I’m one of those lucky ones now, now that I’m not only living my purpose but I get to teach it too. And guess what? I’m not far far away, I’m right here. And I’m here for you. Here to show you what I’ve learned not only in my training but as my passion that started years ago. What I do know is that anyone can find their truth, be super healthy and happy, and become their own miracle.

Reach out to Amanda and see she can help you follow your path in your wellness journey.