The Three Most Important Letters In Medical Marijuana

Must be THC; No.
Must be CBD; No.
Must be DEA; No.
Must be FDA; No.

The three most important letters in your response to medical marijuana are D-N-A.

Yes, your DNA determines your receptor systems, which in turn determines which combination of the many chemical compounds will be effective for you.

It has always been a bit of a mystery to me how patients will use the expensive trial and error method to determine how, or if, cannabis will work for them. Is the ECS/DNA test expensive? Not when you compare the time and money wasted in sifting your way through the sea of counterfeit, contaminated, and mislabeled products.

There are companies developing products that increase the effectiveness of cannabis products. In summary, more bang for your expensive medical marijuana bucks. Importantly, these products also work best when we understand your EndoCannabinoid System and genetics.

The use of cannabis for a wide range of health issues is just starting. For any person, finding what’s best for you is a journey. Don’t start your journey without the best information possible.

Websites and charts about cannabis can be good general education, sort of like the old fashioned maps you used to use. Nowadays, most everyone uses GPS. Think of your DNA analysis as the GPS for your use of cannabis.

At Empathic Practice, we offer solutions in DNA testing by partnering with GrowthCell. We’re focused on giving you better information and data. We want you to know what are the best products available out there for your genotype. We sit down with you, and together, we explain and explore the options that are viable and valid for a more successful journey of wellbeing.


Are you curious about what does your DNA says? In this link, you can acquire a kit from GrowthCell. GrowthCell DNA analyzes over 450 biomarkers and gives you a PersonalizedCannabis Health Report – including consumption warnings and preventative measures based on your genetic predispositions.

You have two options: you can do a swab test and mail your kit back for lab results, or you can upload raw data from another DNA test – like 23andMe or – and have it analyzed by their lab. Either way, you will receive a deeper knowledge about how your genotype interacts with cannabinoids, terpenes, and different cultivars (strains) of cannabis.

Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you understand better you report and how have more benefits for your medication.