Are there problems with CBD products? You bet. Take your choice of a litany of complaints: mislabeling, contamination, or any other issues with their packaging, analysis, or marketing. Let’s not pretend this situation is unique to CBD. 

If our New Year’s resolutions include a new diet, weight loss supplements can be attractive. These “aids” can make CBD look like a paragon of purity.

For example:

1) A sample of more than 100 weight-loss supplements claiming to be “100 percent natural,” found more than half contaminated with drugs ranging to antidepressants to erectile dysfunction medications.

2) Another study founds products contaminated with undesirable and unhealthy ingredients, including one banned about ten years ago for the risk of heart attack, stroke risk, and drug-induced psychosis.

3) Also, some products containing caffeine included control substances to lessen the symptoms of nervous stimulation caused by the caffeine.

These are not the most egregious example. If you’re dying to lose weight, you might have found the right product line.

The unadulterated truth is that the solutions to most problems are not in medications alone. While marketing promises may be alluring, a simple “fix” may be more dangerous than the original issues.

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