Whoa. What is going on there? That’s likely the reaction of anyone who passed Empathic Practice on Cervantes on Saturday, January 26 after the sun went down.

When you envision an open house, you may think of an office filled with promotional materials, swapping of business cards and lifeless vegetable and fruit trays. The Empathic Practice Open House would not deliver such torture.

The embodiment of the open house was welcoming, alternative and creative. All attendants were welcomed by green and purple lighting that lined the walkway to stunning pyramid patio warmers that revealed a steady flame of warmth. In addition to the warm and welcoming lighting, a projection of Empathic Practice’s logo and services could be found on the exterior of the office building.


When you walked up the stairs through the entrance you were met with an ornate wall divider covered with flowers from Fiore and greeted by a friendly face from Social ICON. Turn the corner into Empathic Practice’s office door and your eyes were drawn to the most incredible living wall you’d ever seen built by Heroman Services complete with multi-colored plants, flowers and the Empathic Practice logo nestled in deep green moss.


Within the office is a room for Dr. Haas’ patient visits, Felipe Munoz’s mindfulness coaching sessions, education seminars, Amanda Simmon’s health coaching meetings and last but not least the tranquil meditation room. Every room offered something different. A delectable appetizer from Culinary Productions, a craft cocktail from Big Jerk soda or a freshly squeezed juice made before your eyes by a health coach, Amanda Simmons.

The meditation room was filled with relaxing music, low lit with serene colors, a bamboo wall, floor to ceiling curtains and another living moss wall. When you entered and shut the door you were taken to an entirely different mindset.


Overall, the open house demystified the idea of mindfulness, meditation, and medical marijuana. Trulieve was in attendance to answer questions about CBD oils, medical cannabis, and other alternative health options. 

Pensacola has a bright and healthier future with Empathic Practice in it. When you understand how to solve your pain, anxiety, stress or other conditions, you learn to relax. We are here to help with that. Please schedule an appointment or visit with us to learn more about our practice and begin your journey to a better you.

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