A funny thing happened when Empathic Practice started providing recommendations for medical marijuana. While there were State-mandated rules to follow, forms to complete, databases to populate, the real challenge were the patients. Far from being a recommendation mill, churning out countless rounds of those forms to complete and emails to send. Empathic Practice found that medical marijuana was not a one-step process, but a two or even three-step process.

A State-mandated medical marijuana recommendation is little more than the entry ticket to the world of herbal medicine, where the “herb” happens to a felony in some jurisdictions and the view of some segments of the population. The price of admission alone is high. Then the trial and error process of determining chemovar as well as the timing and method of administration adds a whole other layer of complexity and cost. This “you figure it out” approach is the essence of one-step or what I call the “go and good luck” system. Unfortunately, “go forth and prosper,” all too often becomes “go forth, get confused, and burn a lot of cash and time.” Lots of well-meaning people, but not always the best result.

Empathic Practice believes in this three-step process:

The medical marijuana recommendation is just an introduction to our system. 

The essential next step is a coaching session that considers practical concerns of medical marijuana use but also deals with what we feel is critical for a successful experience by providing a support system.

The components of this system include the development of a proper mindset, expectations, and setting for the use of medical marijuana.
If the recommendation is the learners’ permit, consider this step to be the practical education or driver’s training period

We listen.

The use of cannabis for a wide range of health issues is just starting. For any person, finding what’s best for you is a journey. Don’t start your journey without the best information possible.

Hard as it is for some to believe, the transition from “free-range” cannabis use to medical marijuana can be harder than expected. And the transition from the world of CBD is no better. Going from these unlabeled, mislabeled, or adulterated worlds to regulated dispensaries has a particular distinct learning curve. For those new to cannabis, the learning curve can become a double diamond ski slope with failed amateurs littering the way.

That’s where Empathic Practice’s third step becomes essential. It is simple. We listen to, learn from, and support you.

Call it mindfulness, call it just plain caring; it is our critical difference.

Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you understand better how just 3 steps can take you much further.