Is Spiritual Life Coaching right for you?

A Spiritual Life Coach guides you to love yourself on a deeper level.  They understand the mind, body, and soul and how crucial it is to have a deep connection with this holy trilogy.  Since we are all made of Universal energy – some call it God or Love energy – it is our birthright to live without any fear-based energies and to radiate light. 

It is your birthright to be happy. 

A Spiritual Life Coach normally has different specialties that they can use in a session.  This may include, but not limited to practices like Reiki, EFT, cranial-sacral therapy, crystal healing, talk therapy, reflexology, sound therapy, Hypnotherapy and hypnotism, journaling, breathing exercises, grounding, and sacred rituals.

About Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

How does Spiritual Life Coaching helps healing?

The easiest way to heal is to find what works for you is to have fun and try new things. Yes, there is an “easy” button in life – but it takes time to get there. If we set in our minds that it can be fun to elevate then it will be.   

When we become open to complementary medicine and alternative methods our bodies have an opportunity to heal on a deeper and different level

Spiritual Life Coaches use intuition, empathy, and years of study to assist you on your own journey. They may do meditations or hypnosis to work with you on ancestral unbalance or karmic trauma.  Ancestral unbalance is when we have preexisting vibrations in our bodies that have been passed down through our ancestors and live in our bloodlines and DNA.   This is also called blood memory. Karmic trauma is the energy that is popping up from previous lives that are to be addressed on a deeper level. Karmic trauma may manifest itself as spiritual, emotional, and material challenges. 

Spiritual Life Coaching involves bi-weekly hourly sessions where you can learn meditation techniques and principles of mindfulness, energy healing, and expand spiritual tools and resources.

Taking responsibilities for your life and spiritual experience

It is important to take responsibility for the way we feel so we are not casting blame on loved ones or family members.  By always trying our best in the current moment we can allow others to do the same. Forgiveness comes after we have accepted that we do deserve the best in life. This includes putting down our heavy baggage to be truly free. 

Having “toxic traits” is an overused term that activity takes away our power. There are traits in our lives that can choose to elevate. It is always an invitation. It feels empowering when we take responsibility for our own well being. 

Have you ever met someone that radiates positive energy in a way that made you feel safe to be yourself?  The majority of us do have some sort of trauma in our lives. In order to heal properly, we absolutely need to have a third non-biased party who is a space holder for us to unpack emotions. 

As we evolve and grow we might outgrow our mentors. Never feel obligated to stay with one Spiritual Life Coach for your entire life.  When we are truly ready to elevate into a positive nature the right person will appear in your life and help you elevate to the next level.  It’s a real beauty when working with people in the holistic healthcare field because – we get it!  It’s part of the upward spiral. 

As the old layers start to fall away it is very crucial to allow ourselves time to heal. There are parts of ourselves that we are possibly discovering for the first time. Know that this is part of the process and there is no rush in healing.  You are perfect, whole, and complete as is. As we choose to elevate we will see our life turn out better than we expected.