When you come to Empathic Practice, we may recommend that you be registered for a Florida Medical Marijuana card if you meet certain terms and conditions. The State has certain requirements and we have important ideas too.

First, we are recommending that you could try medical marijuana. We are not prescribing medical marijuana because at this point there are not enough quality traditional medical studies to make a determination of the exact dose and drug to use. At the same time, it is hard not to notice that there are patients claiming good, if not sometimes miraculous, responses to medical marijuana. These are considered to be anecdotal reports meaning we, you and I, should be careful about making generalizations about what will work for you.

The medical marijuana card is your ticket to enter a trial and error world where your choices are very important. Find people you trust and trust them. Use every tool and source of information that you can. When you meet with us at Empathic Practice, we will try to everything possible to make your path through this maze as simple as possible.

If you noted from the title, we recommend medical marijuana and… It’s the “and” that makes the difference. If you have to blind not to see that some people are seeing improvement with products from dispensaries, but you should not be blind that there seems to be something else going on. That something else is called the “placebo effect”. When traditional medical studies are done on medical marijuana, patients in surprising numbers see improvement when they are told they are getting cannabis but are actually receiving a placebo (some might call this a sugar pill instead of the drug).

Empathic Practice sees a great opportunity in this. Could it be that mindset and setting makes a significant contribution to your wellbeing? We think so and we put a lot of effort in this area with programs for mindfulness and meditation. We also want to work with you as you try different chemovars and routes.

We believe that there are many ways, both traditional and non-traditional, to optimize your personal wellness. You choose your path. At Empathic Practice, we believe the right path is to form a community, work together, and use new ideas that work. We are deeply concerned when a medical marijuana card is no more than a lottery ticket with some scary choices. Your resources of time and money need to be used wisely and not be diverted into counterfeit and adulterated over the counter drugs.

Simply, when feasible, we recommend medical marijuana and an open mind.