We are responsible for our dreams at the moment we wake up. Tracing the path towards our goals, crafting ideas, creating the excitement that will take OUR breath away.

No one else can do it for us. We are the ones who can level our sensitivity to feel whatever we want to feel, to bring out of us our deepest emotions and externalize them as we want.

We are responsible for those bigger plans that will make sense at the end. To sketch the lines of our fate and learn how to bend them so we have a pleasant journey to our final destiny. Because creativity is not about art but is always about innovation. Maybe not to innovate to the world, but to renew ourselves.

We are responsible for the good use of our imagination. How far we can go and if we want to go a mile further. We push our boundaries since we are the only ones that know what and where they are. The limits that are perceived are just build ups of what we can imagine, and so who can pull them apart but us?

So if we are responsible for all the beautiful things that we do, and all the beauty we see, responsible for our point of view, the things we say and how far we go, why do still blame others?

I see a lot of life coaches out there, claiming that they will take the burden of people’s back, give them purpose and directions. Truth is that no one can do that for you.

The best guru will be the one that will listen to and help you to listen to yourself. The best coach will be the one that holds you liable with respect to your own time. The best person to teach you how to be responsible is yourself. Take the lead of your goals, take charge of your desires, be responsible for a sensible life. Potential comes with all that realization, and moreover, new realizations come from the potential achieved.

Originally posted in 2017 on Medium

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