Education & Training

At Empathic Practice, we provide education and corporate training on medical cannabis stigma-free. We create a specialized plan to meet the unique needs of you and your team.

Our holistic corporate wellness programs foster mindful work environments and employee well-being. Join us in embracing the power of education and training for a holistic approach to wellness.

Dispensary Education

In-person & Online

Gain confidence and expertise in the world of dispensaries with our comprehensive dispensary education services. 

Our specialized dispensary training courses equip dispensary employees, both new and experienced, with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the entire spectrum of cannabis patient care. 

From understanding certificate expiration to effectively communicating smoking limits, our dispensary education empowers employees with a solid foundation and informed approach in providing exceptional customer service and support. 

This training is done in tandem with our Cooking with Cannabis program.

Who Provides It