Holistic Lifestyle

Experience holistic wellness that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit, as we believe in healing the whole self. 

Our expert practitioners offer a unique blend of ancient healing modalities and cutting-edge holistic therapies.

Find balance, relieve stress, and enhance your inner growth through our personalized holistic wellness services today.


Experience the ancient art of acupuncture. Restore balance to your body and mind as our skilled practitioners relieve pain and stress, promote natural healing, and restore overall wellness.

Dr Bonnie, a skilled practitioner of acupuncture for over 40 years, delivers relief using smaller, more agile Japanese needles for patients experiencing a wide range of symptoms. 

Indulge in a profound exploration of the human body and tap into her expertise of the human body, acupuncture, and knowledge of herbal supplements to create an all-in-one experience.

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Acupuncture at Empathic Practice