Mo Root, LMT

Plant-Medicine Integration Coach, Events Coordinator, and Licensed Massage Therapist

Mo excels in various disciplines, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to empower individuals on their holistic wellness journeys. Empathic Practice’s lead cannabis coach, Mo extends the benefit of complimentary coaching with each medical cannabis consultation.

Mo plays more than one pivotal role at Empathic Practice, providing valuable operational support through event coordination and management as well as leading revitalizing 4:20 themed yoga classes in the serene Empathic Practice Garden, blending the benefits of medical cannabis and yoga for a unique and holistic wellness experience.

Mo was wonderful. She had so much info and was easy to converse with. I highly recommend her coaching. My life is changing for the better since obtaining my card, and I’m so grateful to Empathic Practice for their continued help on this healing journey!”

                                               – Amelia R.

What Mo Offers at
Empathic Practice

Plant-Medicine Coaching

Plant-medicine coaching is an in-depth exploration of your personal needs. Through attentive listening and thoughtful inquiry, Mo ensures that her guidance and support align with the specific requirements of each individual.

With her deep understanding of plant medicine, she tailors her approach to provide a truly personalized experience and maximizes the remarkable benefits of plant medicine. Mo cultivates a sense of trust and connection, fostering a transformative journey for her clients.

Mo helps clients navigate the world of plant medicine, empowering them to make informed decisions for their well-being. Through her expert guidance and support, Mo transforms the plant medicine coaching experience, leaving a lasting positive impact on her clients’ lives.

Event Outreach

Dedication to exceptional service and creating memorable experiences sets the stage for our event outreach and engagement. Mo plays a pivotal role, leveraging her expertise and passion to support long-lasting relationships within the community. 

Mo’s ability to connect others on a personal level creates a culture of authenticity and fosters strong relationships with participants. Her engaging presence and genuine passion leaves a lasting impression that resonates with individuals long after an event concludes.

Her dedication extends not only to the Empathic Practice community but also to the broader Gulf Coast region, where she actively engages with individuals, organizations, and events, amplifying Empathic Practice’s impact and promoting holistic well-being on a larger scale.